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Gamification on Social Media and Audience Engagement

by Nina Rivera

The power of social media is only elevating with each passing day. It takes seconds for just one tweet to reach across the entire world.


The limitless potential of social media has opened numerous gateways for marketers to take advantage of and tap the markets that were once considered impossible to achieve. All it takes now is one video, a couple of pictures and some well-worded tweets and posts to ensure unabated success for your brand.

However, it is necessary that you use an effective social media strategy to initiate long-term success with increased audience engagement. Gamification is one of the strategic methods that have proven to be highly effectual in amplifying the marketing campaign of brands that tend to market on social media.


Gamification provides a massive opportunity to help engage users. Contrary to other tactics like tweeting and posting pictures pertaining to how creative and brilliant the brand is, gamification provides an opportunity to practically demonstrate the creative bone you have. It can amplify engagement on your social media considerably and instigate a more positive impact on the audience.

1. Set Rewards aka Reward Triggers

Rewards, no matter how small, can be a great source of encouragement and motivation. Though you will need financial backing for such initiatives, the rewards do not have to be something overzealous. It can be as simple as a dinner coupon. You have to strategize with the factors that can help you connect with the audience instantly and effectively.


Uber is a great example of giving a reward offer. It helped the company take off as quickly as it did because they offered free rides for anyone that shared the app with there friends. Now, who wouldn’t share the app for a free ride?!


Rewards and free-of-cost offers generally work well in gaining the attention of the audience. They are shared immediately around social media, and increased engagement of an audience can be rapidly achieved. This will ultimately contribute to helping you achieve your marketing goals.

2. Use the Right Timing

Timing plays a crucial role in the gamification on social media. Games tend to become more exciting when they allow less time for the user. Time constraints increase urgency and urgency stimulates excitement. This leads to more engagement. The urgency in the gamification can serve as a great motivator.

So keep that clock ticking, tick-tock.

3. Multiplayer Competitions

Competitions are an effective way to achieve the interest and engagement of the audience. Gamification allows substantial opportunity to set up healthy competitions between players. Setting up point and reward systems can initiate tremendous audience engagement. Think of point tracker systems such as FitBit and Garmin.


The point system motivates the users to perform better with every attempt and outrun other competing participants. Sharing the statistics of the competition publicly can be an effective source of motivation.

Gamification is a diverse tool that can be used not just for education and corporate purposes but can also be used as a marketing tool that can help brands increase their audience engagement and establish a strong online presence. It can serve as an effective tool to amplify any social media campaign by utilizing the elements of rewards, urgency, and competitions.

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