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How Healthcare Marketing Differs

Marketing healthcare is much different from marketing other services. You need to include medical facts while promoting the experience itself. Since patients are entrusting their well-being to your company, healthcare is one of the few industries in which you need to balance the personal and the scientific. Here's how to market your services successfully.

Information is Vital

When planning marketing campaigns aimed at current and potential patients, it's important to strike a balance. You need patients to see you as knowledgeable, but you also need the ability to put important medical information in layman's terms. Essentially, your potential patients should see your practice as competent and highly skilled, but they must be able to comprehend your expertise. If possible, run potential ads by focus groups of people who are not healthcare professionals to make sure they can fully digest any scientific information, study results, etc. that you've included in your ad.


Part of the unique character of healthcare marketing comes down to the fact that a health plan is a collaboration between patient and provider. The patients should be engaged in every part of their health care journey. This begins with their first impression of your advertisements. Work on framing your healthcare practice as one that works with patients, rather than one that will unilaterally fix any medical issues they may have. By advertising your business as a practice that engages with patients and listens to their concerns, you'll be far more likely to bring in new ones.

Using a Variety of Platforms

While some of your potential patients may be looking for a new primary care doctor, others are suddenly facing an urgent need for medical attention. Because your potential patients may be looking for medical care wherever they happen to be, advertising across a variety of platforms is a must when it comes to your marketing campaign. Consider social media marketing, email campaigns and even renting billboard space. In particular, social media marketing has the potential to reach a variety of patients. Even a few well-written blog posts can draw in those looking for information. If these potential patients start to see your business as one that's knowledgeable and willing to help, they'll be more likely to come to you.

The nature of healthcare means that a successful marketing campaign for it requires a unique approach. By marketing intentionally, making information easy to understand and working to reach potential clients across a variety of marketing platforms, you're likely to see more new patients coming through your doors.

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