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Why Is Live Streaming Gaining More Popularity?

by Nina Rivera

Live streaming has quickly become a focal point in the social media with brands heavily investing in this feature for marketing.

The success rate of live videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat has highlighted how this powerful tool can be utilized for gaining extensive viewership and increasing fan following.

Considering the fact that marketing is on a continuous journey of evolution, marketers are constantly looking for methods and content that can engage and retain the interest of audiences. Video content, since the beginning, has been an ample tool allowing the content creators to execute the message in an effective manner.

The integration of live video option in social media campaigns is gaining extensive popularity for its ability to create a viral buzz and connecting with an audience in a genuine and personalized manner.

Here are some reasons why live streaming is becoming highly popular.

1. Extensive Reach

Live streaming has the potential to cater to the huge user base. It can reach out to thousands of people, new and old, with just one click. Live streaming is a free-of-cost tool to drive traffic to your business or social media page.

Statistics reveal that social media live streaming was an over $30 billion industry and that too when it was only at its inception. It is expected to cross $70 billion by 2021. This denotes the immense potential is has. Live content is viewed by millions of people on a daily basis, making it an imperative source of revenue for businesses and brands.

2. High Engagement

Live streaming on social media has been able to attain the users’ engagement for several reasons. It has served in keeping them updated with the latest happenings related to a brand, an event etc.

Videos have more creative appeal in them. Visual content is preferred more by the users as compared to that of a text or a newsfeed post. This increases the involvement rate of the audience in the live streaming videos. The users consider it as a way of connecting to the world and also attain entertainment.

This has enhanced the engagement rate of live videos, making them more popular in the digital sphere in 2018.

3. Immediate Impact

Brands have been focusing more on live streaming because it has the ability to connect the users of a specific brand in multiple ways, simultaneously. An appealing video can instigate the curiosity in the viewer and they can instantly search the brand up in the search engine or look up at the social media accounts of the brand to know more.

Also, it has been reported that live streaming has increased customer-brand correspondence which is highly beneficial for the brands. This has lead the brands to focus more on generating effective and appealing content for live videos and make substantial investments in it.

Social media is all about gaining and retaining the interest of the audience. Live streaming has gained popularity for its eminent features of high reach, audience engagement, and influential capabilities. The tool is only going to gain more recognition if it is utilized in a consistently innovative manner.

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