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4 Pinterest Marketing Trends Businesses Are Using

by Nina Rivera

1 out of 2 millennials in the US use Pinterest every month. Since millennials make up nearly half of the US workforce, you should get active on this platform to reach your target audience.

Facebook and Instagram were considered effective social media sites to promote businesses. But these platforms are too cluttered. Moreover, due to the recent changes in ad policies and a low ad response rate, you may not be able to beat the competition.

With the help of a comprehensive Pinterest marketing strategy, you can make the most of this free website and expand your customer base. It’s also important to keep an eye on current market trends so that you aren’t left behind.

Here’s a brief insight into the Pinterest marketing trends of 2018 that can benefit your business:

Utility-Based Content is Gaining Popularity

During the late 2017 and early 2018, a significant rise was noticed in pinned videos. Pinterest users today are more interested in video content that adds value. They save in-depth videos that guide them on topics of their interest.

Be it product reviews, tutorials or how-to’s, you should consider creating high-quality videos to promote your brand. It’ll help you spread a word about services you offer and convince your target audience into giving your products a try.

Measurement Tools

Your efforts to effectively market your brand may go in vain if you don’t measure the impacts of your marketing campaigns. This is the reason why the use of analytical tools has been on a rise lately.


The marketing industry tends to focus on measuring the last click. It helps them evaluate the existing market demand. But now marketers are turning to tools that can help them measure the net new demand for products. This information helps them target prospective customers and fuel brand growth through effective measures.

Storytelling Builds Relationships

In an attempt to promote their brand, marketers usually invest a lot of their time and financial resources into paid promotional campaigns. They publish ads to target the right audience and convert them into leads.


However, with the increasing popularity of ad blockers, it’s no longer a good option to rely on ads to market your business. This is the reason why that focus of marketers has shifted to creative approaches such as storytelling.


Storytelling targets the emotions of the audience and highlights the reasons why your brand is different from others. When your target audience relates to your message, it’s more likely that they will prefer your brand over your competitors. It builds long-term relationships and helps you with customer retention.

Customer Engagement Matters!

In today’s business world, content distribution is the key to attract the right audience. Moreover, marketers find it equally important to keep customers engaged. It’s a challenge for retailers to make customers satisfied so as to make their business a success.

The marketing industry is always evolving and now, it’s a must for marketers to use social platforms such as Pinterest to reach their target audience.

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