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Social Media Trends

2018 has been a great year for social media so far. With live videos and stories picking up the pace, the dynamics are quickly changing. The horizon in social media is continuing to fill up with diverse tools and features, making it a consistently evolving platform.


This year has made it crucial for the social media marketers to up their game to sustain their competitive edge and keep up with the swiftly changing trends. This post talks about the prevailing social media trends that have retained the attention in the first half of 2018.

Trend#1: Instagram Stories – The Latest Social Media Marketing Tool

Instagram has surpassed its direct rival, SnapChat in the “Stories” feature. Instagram stories have quickly become one of the significant tools of marketing to consider by the social media marketing experts. In just a year and a half, this feature has been able to gain tremendous popularity and has left its competitor, SnapChat way behind in viewership.


Instagram Stories possess huge marketing potential and 2018, so far, has witnessed marketers making the best of this opportunity. It allows accounts with over 10,000 followers to add a link in their stories and magnify their buying and audience engagement level.

Trend#2: Influencer Marketing Trend on the Rise

This is one of the new marketing techniques that has escalated in 2018. Celebrities who are famous at the micro level and have a healthy fan following on social media are now approached to execute influential marketing.

They are asked to use, review and promote the product. These celebrities are influential on smaller scales and this initiative has worked effectively so far. Marketers can gain immense benefit from it in the future as well.

Trend#3: Increased Accessibility through Messaging Platforms

Messaging platforms like WeChat and WhatsApp have marked tremendous growth in 2018. These applications are dominating social media, direct messaging and the commerce industry. They have made accessibility really simple and have contributed immensely towards the growth of many businesses.

Considering that the majority of the users belong to Generation Z and Millenials, these applications are the most convenient means of connecting with them. 2018 has witnessed the rise of these applications and has seen them gain more popularity with the passing of time.

Trend#4: Prevalence of Live Streaming

Live streaming is not new to the world. But, 2018, so far, has seen live streaming taken to new heights. As the technology is advancing every year, phones are upgrading, and applications are also notching their game up with every update. This has resulted in better video quality.

The video makers are taking full advantage of the newest technology and the updates rendered by the applications to make the streaming better. With high-grade internet speeds and the leaps made in that arena. Resulting amazing improvements in live streaming quality and alacrity.

Social media has shown no signs of slowing down or any decrease in its influence in 2018. It is continuing to rise and gain popularity among its users, providing marketers a great opportunity yet challenging platform to achieve their marketing goals.

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